Jeannine Marzella

Jeannine Marzella, PhD© is an internationally renowned life transformation coach & intuitive counselor. She is an expert of Tantric practice’s & mythology. Jeannine has helped movie stars, directors, producers, athletes, coaches and business icons clear mental blocks of energy that have kept them from their greatest life dreams. When she’s not working with celebrities or therapists you can find her working with singles and couples in the arena of relationship creation and development. Jeannine uses the synthesis of eastern and western spiritual thought in her heart-based approach of helping her clients reach new levels of intimacy. Her approach to helping clients builds a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Jeannine’s background includes a doctoral degree of alternative therapies from Albert University, a master in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and numerous certifications in Human Development. She has studied comparative religions, and performed in both a ministerial and rabbinical position. Training under great masters, Jeannine has practiced and taught yoga for more than 30 years, working with adults, couples and children.

Jeannine is also adept at bringing her message and techniques to a large audience; in addition to her many personal-growth workshops and public appearances, she has been a featured guest on radio and television programs around the country and is a sought after speaker. Through Jeannine’s Tantric studies, she conceived the book “50 Foods For Sex”, by her incredible imagi- nation creating a new system for associating eating and visualizing the seven yoga chakra colors and chakra energies with the fifty different aphrodisiacs foods. By visualizing and consciously associating the foods color and energy the reader can far surpass barriers stopping them from experiencing incredible love making. The book is filled with never before sexual ideas of creating ever-lasting intimacy and joyful passion.