Reed Rahn

Reed Rahn. Co-author of "50 Foods For Sex" and commercial photographer of 27 years, Reed made his name as an award-winning photographer. Reed possesses an exceptional ability to seamlessly transition between portraitures of many of the most influential people in America, ranging from politicians, business moguls, sports stars, Hollywood actors and producers, and music icons to fashion, still life, and food.

Reed Rahn’s portraits have appeared on the covers of many national publications including Time, Sports Illustrated, and USA Weekend Today. His photography has also been featured in countless articles and national advertising campaigns.

In "50 Foods For Sex", Reed captures the essence of the ever-present natural beauty and primordial connection to aphrodisiac foods, transcending the vision of nature’s bountiful harvest. The exceptional food images in this book are richly color saturated, vividly sharp, and show great detail; demonstrating his command and vision of the aspects of art in photography.

Over 38 years ago, Reed started his journey of Eastern ways by studying Tai Chi in Taiwan at the age of 15. For the past 12 years, Reed has practiced yoga almost every day! He teaches yoga to his yoga students out in Arizona’s Wilderness. On average, Reed practices yoga two, three, and sometimes four hours daily! He was raised by two health nuts, his mother and father, Donna and John Rahn.